Innovation is base, quality is life, realism is tenet, benefit is target.



Customization: We have a strong R & D team that can develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by customers.
Cost:We have two manufacturing plants. Factory direct sales, good quality and low price.
Quality: We have our own laboratory and advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality.
Diversity: We have a variety of manufacturing processes such as pipe belt molding, welding, stainless steel corrugated molding, and elbows, which can meet the development and production of products of different shapes, different sizes, and different materials.
Capacity: Our annual output exceeds 2600 tons, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes.
Service: We are based on high-grade and high-end markets, our products meet international standards, and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries.
Transport: We are only 35 kilometers from Beilun Port and the exit is very convenient.